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Best product

I work in sports medicine with athletes of all levels. I specialize in post operative/injury needs. I have found the Muscle gel is the best product I've come across in my career. Every one of my clients are encouraged to use it!

Amazing product, I was apprehensive when I bought it but it really improved my knee shoulder pain. Highly recommend!

Team Crush Soccer

Thank you Pamela for giving us the opportunity to try this product. I have to say my first time trying this yesterday and I definitely had a lot of energy to play 2 entire soccer games in the hot sun. 10to5 you helped me survive!!!

Good stuff

I like this stuff, was wondering what it would taste like dissolving it in my mouth but it actually has very little taste, which is good but if you could come up with a way of putting a taste to in when we drop it in our water it could change the flavor.
I wish I could take it every day the whole remembering not to take it after 5 days kind stinks just because after the 3 days off you forget to get back on. taking it

Kept available

My 10 to 15 is on my bathroom counter where I can easily access it even in the middle of the night to help with SI muscle issues. I have used it for other muscle issues as well; it's especially effective when applied as suggested to entire area.