STAMINA Chewables


Most sports drinks and energy drinks give you a boost at the expense of your long-term sustainable energy.  

That's why I developed this formula -- my clients were looking for an alternative.  

This is a versatile formula, too, with smooth increases in mental and physical acuity that support your health.

  • growing pains
  • long-term nourishment of broken bones
  • business conferences
  • after effects of radiation therapy
  • travel--rocket, plane, or road trips
  • long hikes and treks
  • recuperating from illnesses like the flu
  • anything that stretches the physical body's stamina
  • support after a concussion
  • support for torn ligaments, tendons, and muscles

Now available in a tablet that dissolves quickly or is chewable to make it extra easy to enjoy as part of your active lifestyle while supporting and nourishing your vitality instead of draining it with substances that push your body harder than it is intended to go.

STAMINA Chewables contain lactose.  



The FDA has not reviewed or approved any of these statements.  Also, due to FDA regulations, we do not accept returns.  Please use your best judgment; check with your doctor; and obtain medical and emergency care as appropriate.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Team Crush Soccer

Thank you Pamela for giving us the opportunity to try this product. I have to say my first time trying this yesterday and I definitely had a lot of energy to play 2 entire soccer games in the hot sun. 10to5 you helped me survive!!!

Nathan Olson
Good stuff

I like this stuff, was wondering what it would taste like dissolving it in my mouth but it actually has very little taste, which is good but if you could come up with a way of putting a taste to in when we drop it in our water it could change the flavor.
I wish I could take it every day the whole remembering not to take it after 5 days kind stinks just because after the 3 days off you forget to get back on. taking it