The gel that gets nicknamed "that magic gel."  Prevent or relieve:

  • Sore and stiff muscles and joints so you can move with ease and do what you love.
  • Inflammation, including nerves to maintain that unstoppable force I know you are.
  • Resolve injuries faster, reducing pain along the way.
  • Optimize rehab, making it easier and more effective.

And the best part?  This gel actually heals the underlying inflammation and nourishes the tissue, which is how it gives relief.  All with the potentized power of nature.  No suppression.  No tricking the nerves into believing they're not in pain.  Just give the body what it wants:  a chance to heal!


The FDA has not reviewed or approved any of these statements.  Also, due to FDA regulations, we are not able to accept returns.  Check with your physician about adding this to your care plan.  And please use your best judgment; obtain medical and emergency care as needed!

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Anna Holder
Lower Back/Hands

Working 4-12 hours as a night shift nurse every week, I tend to get right sided-lower back pain, and periodic leg pain. I apply my MUSCLES gel, lightly massaging and then I use my heating pad for 3-5 minutes. When I do this I am able to stretch those muscles out completely pain-free. I also use this on my hands when my osteoarthritis flares up. I buy the big tube as a little goes a long way and I dont want to be without it. Love my MUSCLES gel.

Margaret DaValt
Great product!

Love this. Have bad plantar fascitis and it has helped me feel better.

Thank you!

Peggy DaValt

Jodi R Cole
Best product

I work in sports medicine with athletes of all levels. I specialize in post operative/injury needs. I have found the Muscle gel is the best product I've come across in my career. Every one of my clients are encouraged to use it!

Lori Moody

Amazing product, I was apprehensive when I bought it but it really improved my knee shoulder pain. Highly recommend!

Kept available

My 10 to 15 is on my bathroom counter where I can easily access it even in the middle of the night to help with SI muscle issues. I have used it for other muscle issues as well; it's especially effective when applied as suggested to entire area.