10 to 15 gets its name from its speedy results, which typically start within 10 to 15 minutes, often sooner.  It is those kinds of results that got this mama and first aid enthusiast hooked on homeopathy--in any number of first aid situations, we could get that healing started.  And, often, that is all it took.

Years into using homeopathy, I landed on a method of creating higher powered homeopathic topicals, which often provided even better results.  I started with an inflamed insect bite while we were staying someplace remote--within 10 minutes, the swelling had disappeared.  Months later, one of these impromptu formulas answered the call to ease a flare of neuropathy caused by an old injury that normally left my husband's thigh numb.  The next morning, he could feel his thigh for the first time in years .... except where we had not applied the remedy.

My interest was piqued--with two boys and a daughter with motor impairments, I needed lots of answers, I needed them fast, and I needed to be nimble.  I couldn't be bothered to sort through all the options, I needed easy, obvious solutions that could be deployed by whomever happened to be in charge of the house that day.  So I began creating formulas to use at home.

When friends, family, and neighbors saw the ease and the results, demand expanded, but manufacturing an FDA-registered OTC product took almost a decade.

Pamela with her puppy

Athlete clients, active friends and family, and of course my own family began putting my formulas to the paces, so imagine my surprise when the manufactured gel out-performed even the formulas we had relied on for so long!

The best part is, every review I get shows me how simple and easy healing can be.  That means life can be easier and filled with all the things you enjoy doing.  

Thank you for making that part of what I get to do every day.

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